App Review – Image Class Labeler

If you are looking for an app to create training sets for supervised classification algorithms based on images, Image Class Labeler is the perfect fit for you. The developer – Alexander Farley, made a huge effort in making this app one of the most helpful Android utilities available on Google Play. Fast and simple to use, this app can be a great help for many customers.

Image Class Labeler works on a very unique way. It takes the URL to an index file which contains the links to the image set. Then, configuring the image set can be easily done by a simple step – serving a public folder that contains images. The serving is done directly with Apache. It will serve a default folder index. Your .htaccess file will contain this line: options + indexes. In another case, you can construct and store the index file manually within the image folder and the image set can be configured with a Dropbox public folder.

You should know that this amazing app works with BMP and JPEG images, but it will most likely work with PNG, WEBP and GIF as well. This is maybe the app’s greatest feature. With an easy setup and very user friendly, this app is available for download on Google Play.

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