Google’s $149 Nik Collection photo editing software now free

Find out what’s happening around you with Happ – The Social Map

App Review – Image Class Labeler

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Home Lights with LED

Qualcomm with 24-core server CPU

HP Envy Curved, 34-inch curved “All in One” PC with Windows 10

Turn your room in gaming canvas with Project X-Ray and Hololens

Boxx Apexx 1 is a mini computer with mega performance

Scientists make self-healing rubber

An upcoming Volvo’s Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling system

55-inch rollable TV prototype to be unveiled by LG

ZUK presented a prototype of a transparent smartphone

The world’s first most lifelike bionic hand

OCuLink allows placing an external graphics card on the laptop

Asus unveiled ZenWatch 2

Yotaphone 2: smartphone with two screens

Ocumetics Bionic Lens – Lenses that have the potential to revolutionize human vision

Bulletproof glass made from synthetic clay

Fashionable augmented reality glasses

The first 3D printed rocket will be launched soon

New device will replace needles in the process of extracting blood

The thinnest Samsung so far – Galaxy A8

Brain-machine interface which controls prosthetic hands

Samsung Electronics introduces new curved monitors

“E-Dura” – a flexible implant that would allow people with damaged spinal column to walk freely in the future

Japan’s Shimizu announced a plan to build an underwater city

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