Turn your room in gaming canvas with Project X-Ray and Hololens

Finally the project of MagicLeap (a company that is financially supported by Google), has competition in the field of augmented reality smart glasses. Microsoft revealed their project called X-Ray to show what Hololens is capable of doing.

Project X-Ray was introduced at the Windows 10 event. Using HoloLens (another piece of technology for virtual and augmented reality by Microsoft) project X-Ray can turn almost any room into a gaming canvas.

X-Ray combined with Hololens analyzes your home and thus create a wireframe of the walls, so it knows exactly where to place the bad guys in the game. At the Windows 10 event, Microsoft made a demo with one player blasting through walls and fighting aliens on stage. Holding a new controller, he was able to summon a holographic blaster that he used to take his attackers down as they were coming out of the walls.

Developers and enthusiasts can buy HoloLens Development Edition for $3,000 in the beginning of 2016.

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