Boxx Apexx 1 is a mini computer with mega performance

Maybe the name has a lot of X-s, but the new computer Boxx Apexx 1 has very few centimeters … The dimensions of the housing of course – 12×21,1×22,9 inches, putting it in the mini category computers. But don’t let the size deceive you – this is a computer with strong performances.

Let’s start from the processor – Intel Xeon with 18 cores, which are used for professional programs and applications, such as editing video. It also has space for graphics cards of the higher classes (can’t put only the greatest gaming graphic cards) and the motherboard is from AsRock called mini ITX X99 motherboard.

The only drawback of this motherboard is that there is room for only two RAM chips, but given the small size, it seems you can pass this – two plates of 16 GB and it is satisfactory. On the other hand, Boxx Apexx 1 comes with a water-cooled cooler, something that is not available even for much larger computers. In the housing, there is room for satisfactory options for data storage and two M.2 NVME PCI-e SSD slots home and two places for 2.5 inch SSD-A or HDD-a.
All these features packed into such a small body, are possible because Boxx Apexx 1 power supply is external and occupies the inner space, which is a solution already used by many manufacturers. Although not very elegant, at least you do not have to contribute many cables that will spoil the look of the computer inside.

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