Bulletproof glass made from synthetic clay

Bulletproof (“armored”) glass is used everywhere, from the military industry, protection of businessmen and others in civilian purposes, to protect firefighters, bikers and skiers, causing safer transport of people and goods from point A to point B.

Existing bulletproof glass is produced in a process that involves placement of multiple layers glass with plastic layers that are arranged to each other, and so they form a far stronger structure than just glass or plastic. This design has its drawbacks – is cumbersome, expensive to manufacture, and it blocks infrared light.

Researchers from the US Navy succeeded to create bulletproof glass from synthetic clay. The powder of the clay is processed at high temperature and pressure to form itself in any desired form. The previous process of manufacturing glass of clay was done with the presence of air causing various pollution to stick to the surface and make the glass “unclean” and blurry. This time, researchers tried to bake the clay and pressed in a vacuum, resulting in clearer glass.

Since it is a single glass, not a mixture of glass and plastic, the material will not filter infrared light. This can be very beneficial for various security cameras operating in this segment of electromagnetic radiation and they need to be protected. In addition, the weight of such strong glass is two or more times lighter in terms of protection made of glass and plastic. The production process by firing and pressing allows to form glass in any form, which means that you can apply in various situations like vests for people and safety glass for vehicles, both for military and commercial use.

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