Qualcomm with 24-core server CPU

Every day we receive information about new processors. However, these new processors are made for home and office usage. A Huge proportion of the profits made by companies that are producing processors is from server processors. It is clear that Qualcomm is going to enter that market.

Unlike other ARM companies, which have entered the market with relatively modest chips, Qualcomm is pulling out something big. Qualcomm’s project with codename Hydra is a new ARM server CPU, vigintiquattuor-core (24-core) CPU. Qualcomm also plans to roll up to 64 cores into a single stack as high-end server CPU. With this CPU, Qualcomm will compete directly with Intel, which is more than a decade undisputed in the server CPU market.

Qualcomm’s Server CPU will not have the same (single-core) performance level of Xeon, and it will have lower clock speeds with one aim, to be cheaper and to consume less energy.

The biggest withdraw are the applications. A huge proportion of server OS and applications are based on x86 architecture, meaning that it will take time for companies to adjust to ARM architecture. For instance if your company wants to use ARM architecture, it must develop brand new software which with work on ARM.

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