Fashionable augmented reality glasses

The Google Glass wasn’t the very successful project for Google. However, it was very bright step forwards when it comes to bringing smartphone information to the eyesight of the users. That step encouraged car producing companies, to develop similar devices that enhance the driving experience. Mini, the iconic line of cars, now owned by BMW, plans to launch augmented reality glasses.

The glasses will show the most important information to the driver without causing a distraction.

With these augmented reality glasses, the driver will be able to send messages, control music, use enhanced navigation system, or have radar that with prevent collision. With this, Mini plans dramatically to improve traffic safety and passenger safety.

The development of this kind of glasses doesn’t stop here. The opportunities are endless. Some cars come with many cameras placed around the vehicle. A live video from that cameras can be displayed on the glasses. With the natural viewing angle of the driver and the previous mentioned, car damage will be avoided for sure.

The glasses are equipped with Qualcomm processor and a wide range of sensors, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. These things allow full connectivity to the multimedia system in the car. The operating system is Android.

The augmented reality glasses is a solution, which unlike the competition, gives full driving pleasure to the drivers. Also as a big bonus, again unlike the competition, this glasses have the modern design, which is completely different from the minimalistic Google Glass, approach. So, you won’t get just an amazing gadget, you will be fashionable too.

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