The world’s first most lifelike bionic hand

Accidents and diseases happen; people lose limbs. Most of them are limited to a not much functional prosthesis. Some prosthesis are similar to the first prosthesis in the ancient times in Egypt, not generating almost any function. Patients always hope for better technology that will allow them to recover some of the lost functions of their limbs.

Today we present you a bionic hand that is designed slightly differently and it’s relatively similar to a real hand. This bionic hand is the result of seven years of research and development, adopting military technology and methods by Formula 1 engineers. The manufacturer used materials like aluminium allow and rare magnets to enhance it’s patented finger control system.

This device weighs less than 14 ounces (390 g), but it can bear a weight of 99 pounds (45 kg), so the strength is retained and not compromised. The weight of the hand is distributed around the wrist so that the fingers aren’t unnaturally heavy. Also, this bionic hand features a various number of sensors that pick up different muscle movements and then adjust the individual finger motors and microprocessors. The auto grip function of this device is incredible providing an automated detection of the objects that are being held and prevents them from falling.

Nicky Ashwell from London, born without a right hand, was the first to use this hand. Using it, she was able to ride her bicycle, grip weight with both hands, use cutlery and open her purse, thanks to the technology mentioned above.

This bionic hand is called Bebionic hand. It’s developed by Steeper, a company with 90 years of experience with prosthesis.

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