New device will replace needles in the process of extracting blood

Surely there is no one who likes needles. There are those people that when have to extract blood, watch on the other side, or even lose consciousness. The blood extraction isn’t very pleasing experience, especially when the process is done by someone who is practicing. After few unsuccessful attempts and cracked veins, the extraction will be successful, but your hand and your veins might be destroyed.

To stop this ignoble procedure yet to allow analysis of the blood of patients, a company funded by DARPA created a new device that you can take out your blood without using a needle. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, but true. Using vacuum, this device is several centimeters in diameter, will “swirl” blood through microscopic capillaries that can be found on the surface of the skin.

Additional positive thing with this device is that it can keep the extracted blood for more than ten days and it can accommodate more samples, which means that you can store the samples for a week and then send the device for analysis without any fear that the samples will spoil. So far the blood sample is transferred to the laboratory at low temperatures to avoid this.

The product will go on the market in 2016 and will help in the analysis of the blood samples of many people who wants to avoid needles, but need to make regular or semi regular blood tests and follow their inner states.

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