55-inch rollable TV prototype to be unveiled by LG

Imagine going into some consumer electronics retailer, asking the employee there to roll you one TV. It may sound ridiculous, frivolous and even offensive, but LG thinks otherwise.

The Korean manufacturer is working on a new OLED display of 55 inches that can bend or roll without damage. The rollable TV will be introduced at the International Consumer Electronics Show (ICES) in January 2016.

Many of you will think that this technology is useless and why would we roll the TV? But what if you need to move your TV somewhere? Or have a weekend for example and want there to watch movies on larger display. The possibilities are unlimited, and the ideas of their application can only be widened. In the video editing business, this display can be very useful. A rollable display will be portable, and will have sufficient size for the director and camera operators to have a nice view of what is being recorded at the moment.

Unlike existing curved televisions, LG’s rollable TV could create an easy-to-carry tube that could be carried as easily as a briefcase, and be installed wherever customers want to watch programs.

The device is still a prototype, meaning that it won’t be going into commercial production anytime sooner than 2017, although we suppose the possibilities for such a display could be endless.

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